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More About Kauai

When you think of Hawai’i, you probably think of palm trees and cocktails with umbrellas. What you don’t know is that Hawaii is so much more than that. Every island is unique, and Kaua’i is the most beautiful of this magical island chain. For one thing, we have no high-rises, no freeways, and no parking problems. The Lihue airport is centrally-located and within a short distance to anywhere you wish to visit. When you get here, look for The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook, available at Walmart and a few other stores. Make sure you get the most recent edition, as it’s updated every year. We know you’ll have the time of your life, but please follow safety warnings detailed in the book.

Kauai is truly paradise, a combination of gorgeous beaches, mountains, jungles, and even the only navigable rivers in the state. It’s lush, and for a good reason. Mount Waialeale, at the heart of the island, is the wettest spot on earth (420 inches of rain a year). It rains almost every day, briefly, which breaks the heat and keeps the island green. Sometimes the rain lasts a few days, in which case you’d be advised to visit the West Side, which is a desert. There are no snakes, so don’t worry about hiking in the jungles. The most spectacular trail is Kalalau. It takes at least two days and it requires a permit from the State Building on Rice Street in Lihue. Other popular trails, less strenuous, are Sleeping Giant, off Kuamoo Road in Wailua and Kuilau Trail, further on Kuamoo toward the mountains.

Farmars Market on Kauai

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There are farmers’ markets every day of the week, in different parts of the island. You’ll find fresh tropical fruit and flowers, vegetables, and flowers. Don’t buy produce in grocery stores if you can avoid

Kauai Beaches

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Our beaches our numerous, each unique in its features, the sand, and the types of waves. There are some wonderful swimming beaches, even a few intended for “keiki,” which is the Hawaiian word for children.

Kauai is for active people

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Kauai is a mecca for active people who wish to kayak the Wailua River, hike one of dozens of trails, snorkel, snuba, go horseback riding, drive an all-terrain vehicle (ATV, or Quad), fly a zipline,

Fun For Kids In Kauai

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It includes pony rides and bug collecting story time. Kid between 4 years to 11 years old will enjoy it the most. At Na Keiki o Ka ‘Aina the classes will help your kids to

Wai’oli Mission House

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Wai’oli Mission House (808) 245-3202 It is created in the year 1834, the Wai’oli Mission Hall and scenic Wai’oli Hui’ia Church are nearby.

Koke’e Natural History Museum

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Koke’e Natural History Museum (808) 335-9975 Koke’e State Park is open whole year and offers informational programs and displays the island’s ecology, geology and climatology.