Our beaches our numerous, each unique in its features, the sand, and the types of waves. There are some wonderful swimming beaches, even a few intended for “keiki,” which is the Hawaiian word for children. Some are too dangerous for swimming, but are wonderful for walking, people-watching, and admiring surfers. For surfing, depending on the season and the weather, the most popular beaches are Kealia, just north of Kapaa, and Hanalei, on the North Shore. For swimmers, the best beaches are Lydgate on the East Side, Ke’e on the North Shore, and Salt Ponds on the West Side. If you’re afraid of waves or currents, go to Anini Beach. It’s always calm, due to a natural coral reef that protects it fro the ocean waves. Try not to get a sunburn. It’s dangerous, and you may not notice you’re being fried because of the pleasant tradewinds. A suntan, as any dermatologist will tell you, is a skin injury. Get over it. Always wear sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and carry a bottle of water. Tourists are often dehydrated because they neglect this advice.